Our origins begin in 2021.

Originally created by Jenny Keogh and Liz Hutchin from Go Create, Taunton Pride started as part of The Taunton Live event.

The very first Pride took place in Goodlands Gardens against the backdrop of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The event was a great success, and over 500 people attended the event.

Heading into 2022 Jenny and Liz needed to find additional help, as it was very much apparent that there was a need and a passion for the event.

With that in mind, four additional volunteers stepped forward, and created Taunton Pride CIC to work alongside GoCreate to move the event to Vivary Park, and create Taunton Live & Pride, alongside the town’s very first Pride March.

Taunton Pride at Taunton Live Small
Taunton Pride March

5,000 free tickets were released, and consequently sold out in hours.

As the second hottest day of the year landed in The County Town, just ahead of the 2022 Heatwave, the Community came together to enjoy the first large scale Arts and Pride Event Taunton had ever seen. An incredible day was had by all, and the seed for the future was planted.

Post the 2022 Event Jenny and Liz decided the time had come for Pride to become its own event, and they bowed out, leaving a refreshed team of Directors to continue to develop Taunton Pride CIC, and any subsequent events.

Today ...

Today, a team of three Directors lead Taunton Pride CIC, alongside a Community Steering Group to create safe, and secure spaces and events for everyone to be the person they want to be.

Taunton Pride CIC is a not for profit organisation, and is currently based in the Taunton Community Media Group Offices in Taunton Town Centre, who host the Taunton Pride as a guest.